New partner as of 01/01/2020: Carrosserie Spinnoy

Carrosserie Spinnoy in Londerzeel has been the specialist in bodywork repair, lettering and airbrushing since 1962. Carrosserie Spinnoy is an independent, multi-make bodywork shop that guarantees its customers excellent, flexible service. They employ a team of skilled mechanics who specialise in the repair of trucks, trailers, delivery vans, buses and other machinery. You can, of course, also bring your passenger car to Carrosserie Spinnoy. Unique to the region, they have the knowledge and equipment available to design, print and apply lettering and decals to both new and damaged vehicles.

Carrosserie Spinnoy believes in sustainability when it comes to repairs. To ensure optimal repairs, they always apply SMART Repair techniques to heavy-duty vehicles. They choose to replace parts, as opposed to repairing them, only as a last resort.