Why Go Smart Automotive Repair?


The members of Go Smart Automotive Repair have all been certified under the label 'Duurzaam Repareren' (Translated: sustainable repair).

As a network, we believe that avoiding waste is the best way to deal with garbage. It's about finding alternatives to products that contain waste.

For us, sustainability is not only about the ecological aspect, but also about the approach we take to our business relationships. As a network, we want to develop sustainable relationships from which everyone can benefit: experience, trust and knowledge can only be built up in a long-term collaboration.


Go Smart Automotive Repair only accepts members in its network who meet certain quality conditions.

How do we do this?

  • All members must be in possession of the Eurogarant, Avicar Plus or Kiwa Pro label.
  • Each member must pass a practical, tailor-made audit carried out by CED acting as an external party.


We make optimal use of the latest techniques so that we can repair your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

If possible, we even offer One Day Repair: repair on the same day. You bring your vehicle inside and it is fully repaired in the same place by one person. Often you can even wait in our waiting room while we repair your vehicle. WIFI and coffee are included free of charge.


Go Smart Automotive Repair has several specialties with which we can help you to repair your damage professionally.

For example, if you have a fleet of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks, all these vehicles can come to us with bodywork damage and this with a single point of contact.

We also ensure that Go Smart repairers receive training to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments and repair techniques.


All our members use the premium products of our partner 'BASF Coating Services', which guarantee quality.

Thanks to the partnership with BASF Coating Services, we can also work with products that are certified according to BASF's 'biomass balance' principle. They are produced with a combination of fossil raw materials and renewable - more sustainable - raw materials.

We are the first vehicle body repair network in Belgium to switch to these products with all its members. This is how we contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. With Go Smart, you too can make a sustainable choice for the repair of your vehicle.


All our members have the necessary certificates with the largest insurers in the country. So they can always assist you with the damage to your vehicle, whether you are in fault or not.

Feel free to drop by after an accident. We are happy to help you!


For the time that your vehicle has to enter for a reparation, we can provide you with replacement transport. We have vans, passenger cars and e-bikes at your disposal that will take you to your destination without any problems.

Truck drivers can rent a truck and/or trailer during the repair time at attractive prices.



We are ready for the future! Come and visit our repair shops with your electric or hybrid car with peace of mind. All our members are qualified to repair all brands and models.