ADAS Advanced driver-assistance systems: what in case of damage?

The car manufacturers provide today's vehicles with various assistance systems to support the driver. These ensure that safety increases and that the driver, despite the increasingly busy roads, experiences more ease of use.

Driver assistance systems work with the help of sensors. An Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), for example, uses a sensor that measures the distance and speed of the vehicle in front and compares this with its own speed and the distance to the vehicle in front.

But what about damage to your vehicle?

These systems present additional challenges in repairing damage. During the repair of your car it is necessary to read the car so that the repairer can perform correct diagnostics and calibrations for verification. If any delicate corrections are needed, this can be done immediately. However, our repairers are equipped and trained for this!

At GO SMART, safety comes first. To ensure that you can safely get back on the road after your car, truck, bus or other vehicle has been repaired, training is regularly given to the employees of our repairers. GO SMART also provides refresher courses at regular intervals. All this is organized in the GO SMART Academy.